Q: Do I need to vacuum before the technician arrives?

        Yes, a vacuuming in the traffic areas is recommended.


Q: What do you consider an area?

     For living rooms no bigger than 14x16 ( 224 sq ft), for a bedroom  no bigger than 12x15 (180 sq ft). A living and dining rooms combos are considered two areas. Stairs are not considered an area and have an extra charge.


 Q: How long will it take to clean my carpets?

      About an hour. The time can vary depending on how soiled the carpet is, and if any spot removal treatment is need or requested.


Q: Do you move furniture?

     No, but you are welcome to move the furniture before the techinican arrives. 

Q: Do all stains come out with the carpet cleaning?

     No, the main ones like dirt and soiled ones do. But if you have bleach stains, hair dye or pet urine, they can be treated for removal. Stain removal is not included in the carpet cleaning price. The longer the stain sits the harder it is to remove. Some pet urine stains will not come out, due to damage to the backing of the carpet.



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